Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Free Office 2013 Product Key Serial & MAK Activation Key


Office 2013 Product Key serial number & Office 2013 MAK Activation Key 

Key authentication on August , 2015 number 0 applies to telephone active, the number of online networking activation.

Microsoft's "customers" using the Windows family of Enterprise Edition, Professional Edition, there are two sides to reach an agreement authorizing the activation: "MAK" and "KMS". Wherein, "MAK" to "permanent activation"; "KMS" to "180 days cycle activation." "MAK key" activation time, it will reduce again until "0." Only when the "big customer" pay again, Microsoft will pay depends on the amount of "authorized activations" so that "MAK key" rejuvenated.

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Office 2013 Pro Plus Vol MAK activation key:

[Key]: RD82N-HTYYT-MQYDY-FDFF9-HCCDH    [Remaining count: 700 +]
[Key]: 2MDGV-NWQ78-2QGHB-GD849-HCCDH  [Remaining count: 100+]

[Key]: PNT6B-DKH2Q-GW4J2-DDT6T-PDHT7     [
Remaining count: 90+]
[Key]: XNB47-HXQJB-FKHYQ-CB9K7-XD43H     [Remaining count: 100+]

[Key]: Q78QN-Y8XXR-MKFK7-Q4R6C-Q3TXV    [Remaining count: 100+]

[Key]: T4KN4-WW7JX-9RD8G-MK994-8B29V     [
Remaining count: 80+]
[Key]: N9JT4-HKCVB-MQ6PY-TPT44-TVGXV     [Remaining count: 100+]

[Key]: XY2NM-MGM83-WD8M2-B4X4B-YWPDH[Remaining count: 100+]

[Key]: 2YM6W-NXCWB-RX6F2-QFVDW-J8C9V [Remaining count: 100+]

[Key]: 36MRN-G629M-BFPGY-27427-46WQH    [
Remaining count: 10+]
[Key]: 8P8NF-H9BGD-WPTG2-CRPF6-Y96XV   [
Remaining count: 0]
[Key]: GC288-NVPMT-GWF2M-76228-W42DH  [
Remaining count: 0]
[Key]: VYGR7-N32TB-BHGF9-F8G7G-QYF3H   [
Remaining count: 0]
[Key]: K7F82-XNPXG-3BG6C-TV7M4-3C8QH   [
Remaining count: 0]
Remaining count: 0]
Remaining count: 0]

Office 2013 Visio Pro Vol version MAK activation key:

[Key]:NRJ4B-B7H7B-YRBXH-HCDFP-PGWRR [Remaining count:1000+]
[Key]:WM9XX-NMDQT-9T646-F8VRP-D67WF [Remaining count:200+]

Office 2013 Standard Vol version MAK activation key:

[Key]:RNXJF-7YWTM-YQX77-RBH4D-T6KMG [Remaining count:1000+]
[Key]:WWGCN-KR7G6-4BT96-CQXY3-B96YG [Remaining count:200+]


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